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Wish to Learn and Recite the Quran from Zero ?

Start from the beginning?

What’s Stop YOU from reading HIS Book???

It’s never too late to start reading Allah s.w.t book

There’s an opportunity for YOU….

YOU will be taught from Alif Ba Ta, untill YOU are able to read the Al-Quran!

Very Exciting & Fun!!! where class will be conducted by experienced Asatizah.


  • Suitable for BEGINNERS with little or ZERO knowledge on Quranic recitation
  • Starting from recognizing each basic letter
  • Learn the pronunciation characteristics of each letter
  • Memorize all 28 Quranic letters
  • Recite words when alphabets are joint together
  • Practising proper pronounciation
  • Mastering the basic Tajweed

For adult above 17 year old.

Recommended for beginners with little or no basic knowledge of Quranic recitation
or anyone wish to refresh/improve their al-Quran recitation.

116 Changi Road #03-13 WIS@Changi, Singapore 419718
(5 minutes walk from Eunos MRT & opposite of Kampung Ubi CC)

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Daftar Sekarang

Mengaji Dari Awal

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