Zakat (PERGAS)



Authorised Zakat PERGAS Collection Centre 2019

Alhamdulillah, Darul Hidayah Learning Centre is now an Authorised Zakat Collection Centre for the Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers’ Association (PERGAS).


Our Amils

All our Amils (Zakat Officer) are certified Asatizah.


Zakat Payment @ Darul Hidayah

You may pay your Zakat at our Centre which will be opened from 10.00am to 6.00pm daily in the month of Ramadhan.

Address: 116 Changi Road, WIS@Changi #03-13 Singapore 419718 (MAP)


Zakat Collection Service From Home

Will also offer Zakat collection service from your home & office, for payment Zakat of $1000 & above. Please call us to set an appointment, 9023 0044  or  8298 5485.

The service has been a great help to our members and also provides a convenient way of fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam. This is especially true for Singapore Muslim community who:

1) Don’t wish to carry lot of money to Zakat Centres

2) Wish for personalized Amil to count for Zakat

3) Zakat Centres are far away & not accessible from your home

4) Prefer not to wait for long queue at Zakat Centre during Ramadan

5) Prefer to have Akad Zakat & Doa from Ustaz

6) At your own convenience place & time

7) For any safety reasons & confidential issues


Learn More About Zakat PERGAS


 Zakat @ Pergas
Give Sincerely,Benefit Eternally.

 May you attain peace and happiness through your kind and generous deed.




For Payment via Internet Banking / Bank Transfer

Untuk Pembayaran secara Internet Banking / Bank Transfer

POSB Saving Account: 188-19413-3

OCBC Current Account: 588-0-05439001

Maybank Singapore : 1413-4011-817

PAYNOW : 90230044


Please select preferred bank by ‘CLICK’ below icon to begin payment.

Maybank Logo2

Confirmation of Payment

Kindly please fill payment details below once you have made the payment through local bank transfer or iBanking.


Isikan borang pendaftaran dengan maklumat yang diperlukan setelah anda membuat pembayaran. Anda akan menerima pengesahan secara automatik setelah menghantar borang tersebut. Semudah itu.



  • Niat: Wang sebanyak S$ _____ ini sebagai menunaikan ZAKAT harta, yang wajib ke atas diri/keluarga saya untuk tahun berakhir _____ tunai kerana Allah Ta'ala.


Zakat Singapore 2019



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